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Computer users who would like a free-to-download software program that allows user-friendly network scanning should take a good look at the latest 2.2 version of Famatech’s Advanced IP Scanner. Using this software, it takes only a few seconds to find all the devices on a wireless or wired local network, as well as perform scans of all the ports they have.

This handy program delivers easy as pie access to a raft of network resources, including HTTPS, FTP, HTTP, and folders that are shared. The software also gives users the ability to identify all IP addresses connected to a Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the program’s feature for shutting down a PC remotely is a massive help to anybody who wants to be able to close down a remote Windows PC or even a whole group of such PCs. By the same token, PCs can also be woken up remotely, provided the network cards fitted to the machines in question support a function called Wake-On-LAN.

APS 2.2 has been integrated to a deep level with Radmin software for remote control. The IP Scanner allows users to scan their networks, identify all the PCs that have Radmin Server running, and then make a connection to any machine they choose using only a single click. Users cannot dodge the need to install the Radmin Viewer but it’s free to download and it will provide access to remote PCs with Radmin Server running on them. Radmin permits users to access PCs remotely with File Transfer, Telnet, and Full Control modes all available. Anybody who wants less complex batch operations should know that they can assemble a favorite list of machines. The software will load that list automatically upon startup. Users have the option of either scanning their whole network or only the ones in their favorites.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Limitations:  None

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Last updated July 12, 2013

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