Avast Internet Security

AVAST Software  (Free to try, $49.99 to buy)

Avast Internet Security comes with every single one of the features found in the free version of this Avast program, but it adds a filter for spam, an invisible firewall, the all-fresh Avast SafeZone, plus command-line style scanner. The program features an isolated desktop that’s clean as a whistle, in order to prevent malicious applications like keyloggers from seeing what’s going on. That means it’s perfectly placed for banking or online shopping.

Version 6.0 is meaner and leaner. It delivers even swifter protection than the previous release, and it also offers a browser extension to give clues on the reputation of websites. These features combine to provide users with maximum security in real time against all malware, whatever its type.

Avast Internet Security delivers protection to the max, and is designed for web users who love to shop until they drop, as well as bank. Avast’s CommunityIQ tip top tech is updated regularly, ensuring you can download without worry, surf the web, and have fun on gaming and social media sites, all in perfect safety.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Limitations:  30-day trial

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Last updated May 11, 2014

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