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The idea of Fences is to eliminate all forms of clutter on your computer desktop. This is achieved with the use of fenced areas, which organize various desktop objects so as to form logical groups. The fenced areas can be accessed easily, and customized, if desired.

More than five million people across the globe use Fences on a day by day basis for the purposes of keeping their desktops well organized based on the files and programs they use the most frequently. The latest Fences (Version 2.0) offers even more flexible options for organizing and creating fences. This includes enhanced customization options. In addition, a very straightforward double click is all it takes to hide and unhide every last one of your fence groups. This is perfect for those occasions when you need a view of your desktop with absolutely no obstructions.

Some of the major features of the program are: Make shaded areas named “fences” on the computer desktop; inside each fence you are able to place icons as well as organize them. Folder Portals allow you to see as well as organize contents of folders, which become fences on the PC’s desktop. The Desktop Pages feature allows multiple pages worth of “fences”. If you want to flip pages, all you have to do is move the mouse cursor right to the screen edge, then click & drag a fresh page full of “fences” down onto the desktop. If you double click the blank space somewhere on the PC’s desktop, each and every icon will fade away. Double-click a second time and they’ll come back. You can also define rules as regards where the icons get placed and the way they’re arranged. When you add a fresh icon, e.g. from a program installer, it will get automatically added into the “fence” of your choice. It is also easy as pie to customize the color and look of all your fences.

What’s new in version 2.01: Desktop Pages; Folder Portals.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Limitations:  30-day trial

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Last updated September 19, 2013

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