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Anybody who is hunting for a simple to use Windows program for dealing with FLV files in a fast, flexible manner had better not overlook FLVPlayer. Unfortunately, Macromedia has not seen fit to provide a program that can easily preview Flash Video files, so this program is designed to come to the rescue of people who do encoding of video in FLV (Flash Video) format.

FLVPlayer permits you to open up FLV files in various ways. For example, you can double click on the file; alternatively, you can click on it with the right-hand mouse button and then choose “Open” on the menu that pops up. Additionally, it is possible to browse inside FLVPlayer and find files that way. Finally, it is an easy matter to use drag ‘n’ drop as a way of bringing files into FLVPlayer.

Additionally, users have the option to utilize the program’s MediaPlayback feature, in which FLVPlayer displays videos in the right aspect ratio in order to make previews match exactly how they look when they play back from websites. In summary, persons who are searching for a fast ‘n’ simple method of previewing FLV files are strongly advised to check out FLVPlayer.

Additional Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, Flash Player 7.0

Operating System:  Windows XP

Limitations:  None

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Last updated April 22, 2013

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