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When buying a legal copy of Windows 7 at the official Microsoft Store, consumers should be aware that they always have an option of downloading ISO files or files that have been compressed. The official Download tool for the Microsoft Windows 7 OS permits buyers to make a single copy of the all-important ISO file, which they can store on a DVD or a removable flash-memory drive.

To make such a bootable USB flash-memory drive or bootable DVD, you must first make sure you have downloaded the necessary ISO file before running the Download tool. After you have carried this task out, you will be perfectly placed to perform an installation of the operating system from either the DVD or the flash-memory drive.

The vital ISO file includes every last one of Windows 7’s installation files, which it combines into just one uncompressed file. After you have downloaded your ISO file, it is necessary to copy the original file to some other storage medium before installation of Windows 7 is possible.

The Download tool lets you copy the W7 ISO file onto a DVD or flash-memory stick drive. To carry out installation of Windows 7 using the DVD or flash stick, the only actions you must take are to load the DVD into the DVD disc drive, or put the USB stick into a USB port, and then load Setup.exe, which can be found in the drive’s root folder.

Important note: You will NOT be able to install the OS until you have copied it to one of the storage devices mentioned above, using the special Download tool.

When you copy your ISO file using the USB and DVD tool, you should know that the copy is bootable. The idea of the bootable media is that it permits Windows to be installed even if the target machine has no OS on it. If you alter the order of boot in your PC’s BIOS, you are at liberty to use the memory stick or DVD for the purposes of installing the OS as soon as you hit the power up button on the computer. Please consult your PC’s documentation for further information as to how you should modify the BIOS to modify the order of booting of the various drives.

You are allowed to make a single ISO file copy on either a DVD disc, flash media stick, or some other media of your choice, simply for the purpose of installing Windows. Once you are done with installing the OS, any further use of this software is covered by the relevant license terms. Once you accept Windows 7’s license terms, you are at liberty to make just one further bootable copy to serve as back-up. If you fail to erase the first ISO file copy that was made when the software was installed on your PC, then that copy will constitute your permitted back-up.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Last updated March 19, 2013

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