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Windows Media Player 11, which ships with Windows XP, delivers stunning, fresh ways to enjoy and store all your videos, music tracks, photographs, movies, and TV shows. You can use WMP to play, view, and also to sync to portable devices, so as to extend the multimedia experience to those times when you are on the move.

WMP 11 boasts extraordinary simplicity of design. The player brings a completely fresh look to the plate, and it is sure to spice up every aspect of your entertainment.

As regards your beloved music, WMP allows you to rejuvenate your digital musical universe. That’s because a single place will become the essential hub for your entertainment, whatever form it takes. WMP 11 ensures you remain connected with all your vids, cool music, and precious photos wherever you may wander.

Operating System:  Windows XP

Limitations:  None

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Last updated March 20, 2013

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