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Are you looking for a free-of-charge web service that shows you when your pals are online, and with which you can send instant messages to them? If so, Yahoo Messenger may well be your best bet. This service can also notify you when there are fresh e-mail messages waiting for you in various accounts, e.g. Yahoo Personals or Yahoo Mail, and also when there are impending Yahoo Calendar events.

Yahoo Messenger delivers firewall support, and it also has a so-called standby mode, which minimizes the service on your screen until such time that there is a connection to the internet. In addition, YM has the option to save or print your IM chats, and it provides a tab-based interface, which gives you speedy access to all your favorite services like news, stocks and shares, plus sports results and scores.

Some other significant features of Yahoo Messenger include its ability to automatically start up a new chat room, plus give you notifications about stocks and shares prices. Furthermore, it enables you to send IM messages to a friend (even when that person is offline).

Yahoo Messenger has been designed from the ground up to be trim and compact, with the maximum of functionality and the minimum of bloat. If you enable Quick Compact, the program will hide all Messenger tools in order to make the most of your available viewing area. The icing on the cake is the customization options that are available via Messenger Themes.

Also included in a package that is jam-packed with useful features are Yahoo Games, Yahoo Audibles, and Launchcast Radio. If you have a webcam installed, you will also be able to see the person you’re chatting to, as well as being perfectly placed to view any Yahoo member’s webcam, provided they have granted you the required access. Finally, don’t forget voice chat, as this permits you to chat to anybody on the Web without it costing you a penny.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Limitations:  None

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Last updated March 18, 2013

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