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  • Dev-C++

    Bloodshed Software  (Update)

    Anyone who needs a fully-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for use with the C or C++ programming languages should make a beeline for Dev-C++. This free software, which is written using Delphi, utilizes GNU’s Mingw port as compiler. The software can create executables that are native to Win32, either GUI or console. It is also possible to use Dev-C++ in conjunction with Cygwin.

    Version 5.6.3
    Product ranking: #1 in Interpreters & Compilers
  • EditPlus

    ES-Computing  (Free to try, $35.00 to buy)

    For anybody who is searching for a single Windows program to fulfill the functions of text editor, plus editor of HTML, PHP, and Java should look no further than EditPlus. This tool makes a great replacement for Notepad, plus it also delivers a raft of power-stuffed features that are ideal for website developers and programmers. The program provides highlighting of syntax for the following: PHP, HTML, C/C++, Java, ASP, CSS, [...]

    Version 3.70
    Product ranking: #3 in Coding Utilities
  • HxD Hex Editor

    hxd-hex-editor Mael Horz  (Free)

    Computer users who are on the lookout for tools they can use to edit and/or inspect files, check available memory, and check disks and images would do well to give due consideration to the HxD Hex Editor. This application uses a modern and very simple user interface, yet it packs plenty of power as well. You can use this software when you want to perform analysis on large log files, [...]

    Version 1.7.7
    Product ranking: #1 in Coding Utilities
  • Java Development Kit (32 bit)

    Sun Microsystems  (Free)

    With Java’s Development Kit users have at their disposal all the tools and software needed for the purposes of compiling, debugging, and running Java applets and full-blown applications written utilizing the popular programming language Java. The prime components of the JDK are a raft of tools for carrying out programming tasks; these include jar, javac, jar, plus the archiver. The latter tool is responsible for packaging class libraries so as [...]

    Version 7 Update 55
    Product ranking: #2 in Other Browser Add-ons & Plugins
  • Java SE 6.0 (JDK 6)

    The Standard Edition of the Java Platform is also referred to as Java II Platform. This software allows users to develop then deploy Java apps on both desktops and internet servers. Furthermore, the demanding real-time and embedded environments that are so popular today are supported as well. Java SE is equipped with classes that offer support for Java Web Services. It also forms the foundation of the Enterprise Edition of [...]

    Product ranking: #2 in IDE Software
  • Java SE 6.0 (JDK 6)

    Java Platform, Standard Edition, which is also sometimes called Java Platform 2, allows you to develop Java applications for use with desktop computers and servers. You can also use it for the embedded environments that are demanding yet so popular today. Java SE comes with classes supporting Java Web Services’ development. It also acts as a foundation for Enterprise Edition (or Java EE) and Java Platform. If at any time [...]

    Product ranking: #2 in IDE Software
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package (x86)

    Microsoft  (Free)

    This updated redistributable package of Microsoft’s .NET Framework will install the runtime for the .NET Framework along with a raft of associated files, all of which are required when running applications that make use of version 2 of the .NET Framework. The version 2 update package offers better scalability and enhanced application performance. This is achieved by improvements in caching and deployment within applications. Simple updating is possible via ClickOnce, [...]

    Version 2.0
    Product ranking: #3 in .NET
  • Notepad++

    Don HO  (Free)

    Anyone who needs a Windows tool for editing source code that supports a number of different programming languages should definitely keep Notepad++ in mind. This software can also be used as a replacement for the standard Windows Notepad. The languages supported in Notepad++ are: Doxygen, NFO, Makefile, RC file, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, C#, Java, C++, C, Batch file, INI file, SQL, VB/VBS, ASP, Objective-C, Lua, Python, Perl, Pascal, CSS, [...]

    Version 6.6.3
    Product ranking: #2 in Coding Utilities