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  • Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

    Auslogics Software  (Free)

    When you consider that the majority of computer users are in the habit of creating and also downloading a variety of different files almost every day, it follows that, with the passage of time, hard drives get stuffed with all kinds of files, from documents to pictures to music tracks to videos, plus a raft of other files of various types. Eventually this leads to a problem and the disk [...]

    Version 3.5.4
    Product ranking: #17 in File Management
  • Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition

    It’s fair to say that partitioning isn’t something amateurs should meddle in. For this reason, many millions of computer users trust Paragon’s technology. They regard this firm’s professional software as stable and safe as houses, and this is how it’s been now for a full fifteen years. The latest edition of Paragon’s software is free to download, and with it you can easily organize your hard drives and redistribute free [...]

    Version 2014
    Product ranking: #3 in File Management
  • TeraCopy

    Code Sector  (Free)

    If you’re on the lookout for a utility that’s free to download and can copy and/or move files much more quickly and securely, it is fair to say that TeraCopy shapes up pretty well. TeraCopy is able to resume file transfers even when they have been interrupted. Furthermore, TeraCopy skips past corrupted files during the copying process, plus it shows you all the files that were skipped once the copying [...]

    Version 2.3
    Product ranking: #7 in File Management
  • Unlocker

    Empty Loop  (Free)

    Windows users may sometimes see an irritating message when they try to zap an unwanted file. The message says, Cannot delete file: Access is denied. The reason this message gets displayed is because of what are called sharing violations. In other words, the file in question is already being used by some other user or application. Normally, the only way round the problem is to close the file in the [...]

    Version 1.9.2
    Product ranking: #5 in File Management