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  • Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +

    ad-aware-free-antivirus Lavasoft  (Free)

    If you are looking for steadfast protection against a raft of web threats, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + could be just the ticket. This remarkable free software gives you protection against malware and rootkits, and it incorporates an innovative detection technology that goes by the name of Genocode. Along with a scheduler, Ad-Aware’s powerful Free Antivirus + has everything you need to keep yourself safe online. It is fair to say [...]

    Version 11.1.5354
    Product ranking: #2 in Anti-Spyware
  • Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

    Aomei Technology  (Free)

    The free-to-download Home Edition of Partition Assistant shapes up as the perfect multilingual tool for partitioning disks on a variety of versions of the Windows operating system. The program is compatible with XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS. The software supports seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. It permits you to [...]

    Version 5.5
    Product ranking: #2 in Maintenance & Optimization
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag

    Auslogics Software  (Free)

    Auslogics Disk Defrag is a program that can work wonders in speeding up your computer. It does this by optimizing the way files are stored on your disk. Disk Defrag can defragment fragmented files, which creates more free space on the drive. The program is also able to optimize performance by ensuring that all system files are stored on the faster section of the drive. This enables your disk to [...]

    Version 4.5.5
    Product ranking: #12 in System Utilities
  • CCleaner

    ccleaner Piriform  (Freeware)

    If you want a program to optimize your system, and deal with privacy and file cleaning tasks, CCleaner is the freeware application for you. The program gets rid of unused files on your computer, thus giving Windows a speed boost and making available free space on your hard drive. Another benefit of the program is its ability to remove potentially sensitive traces of your internet activity that may remain on [...]

    Version 4.14.4707
    Product ranking: #1 in Maintenance & Optimization
  • Free Window Registry Repair

    RegSofts+Software  (Free)

    The free to download Window Registry Repair tool can do a lot to tweak Windows systems for the better. The Windows Registry is jam-packed with information that is used to control how the system behaves. It is fair to say that most Windows users will gradually experience deterioration in the performance of their PCs. Much of this can be blamed on errors in the Windows Registry. If you use Free [...]

    Version 2.8
    Product ranking: #4 in Diagnostic Software
  • Norton AntiVirus 2013

    Symantec  (Free to try, $49.99 to buy)

    The 2013 edition of Norton AntiVirus is designed from the ground up to protect your computer from all the latest virus threats, spyware, plus a raft of other malware. The program provides speedy, power-packed protection online so users can dodge cyber attacks with ease. Norton permits you to chat, read and write email, and also share files, but frees you of endless worry concerning cyber threat. Furthermore, it updates itself [...]

    Product ranking: #12 in Antivirus Software
  • Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition

    It’s fair to say that partitioning isn’t something amateurs should meddle in. For this reason, many millions of computer users trust Paragon’s technology. They regard this firm’s professional software as stable and safe as houses, and this is how it’s been now for a full fifteen years. The latest edition of Paragon’s software is free to download, and with it you can easily organize your hard drives and redistribute free [...]

    Version 2014
    Product ranking: #3 in File Management
  • Razer Game Booster

    razer-game-booster IObit  (Free)

    Designed from the ground up to assist you in optimizing your computer for a more responsive, smooth experience during game play, Game Booster will deliver the edge in performance that was previously available only to highly motivated technical wizards. The program does its work by updating your PC’s hardware drivers, performing downloads of essential tools for gaming, tweaking settings on the system that impact on gaming, keeping game directories defragmented, [...]

    Product ranking: #6 in Maintenance & Optimization
  • Revo Uninstaller

    revo-uninstaller VS Revo Group  (Free)

    If you are on the lookout for an uninstaller program that is more fully featured and innovative than the one supplied with Microsoft Windows, your best option could well be Revo Uninstaller. This program boasts a very advanced and speedy algorithm, which is deployed each and every time you uninstall an unwanted application. After the completion of the regular uninstallation procedure, you can then use Revo to zap any unnecessary [...]

    Version 1.95
    Product ranking: #3 in Uninstallers
  • Smart Defrag 2

    IObit  (Free)

    It’s fair to say that a fragmented disk can be one of the main causes of sluggish and/or unstable PC performance. Luckily, the problem can be dealt with using Smart Defrag 2, which allows you to defragment hard drives very efficiently indeed. Smart Defrag 2 defragments the disk but it also optimizes the performance of the disk. In fact, the program works quietly and automatically, ensuring that your PC’s hard [...]

    Product ranking: #8 in System Utilities