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  • Netcut

    Arcai  (Free)

    Arcai’s Netcut enables computer users to find out who’s on their networks in a heartbeat. This software is suitable for use on a school or office LAN, and also on an iPhone, Android, Xbox, PS3, or Wii network as well. Netcut lets you find and export all the MAC addresses on a network in literally seconds. Other functions available with Netcut: Switch network on/off on any devices in a LAN [...]

    Version 2.1.4
    Product ranking: #4 in Network Management Software
  • Virtual WiFi Router

    Windows 7 users now have access to a free-to-download Virtual Wi-Fi Router. With this software, they can construct Wi-Fi hotspots suitable for reverse tethering mobile phones and other devices that support Wi-Fi. That means it is possible to construct a network from scratch and share the web between devices on it.

    Product ranking: #1 in Network Management Software