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  • Java SE 6.0 (JDK 6)

    The Standard Edition of the Java Platform is also referred to as Java II Platform. This software allows users to develop then deploy Java apps on both desktops and internet servers. Furthermore, the demanding real-time and embedded environments that are so popular today are supported as well. Java SE is equipped with classes that offer support for Java Web Services. It also forms the foundation of the Enterprise Edition of [...]

    Product ranking: #2 in IDE Software
  • Java Development Kit (32 bit)

    Sun Microsystems  (Free)

    With Java’s Development Kit users have at their disposal all the tools and software needed for the purposes of compiling, debugging, and running Java applets and full-blown applications written utilizing the popular programming language Java. The prime components of the JDK are a raft of tools for carrying out programming tasks; these include jar, javac, jar, plus the archiver. The latter tool is responsible for packaging class libraries so as [...]

    Version 7 Update 55
    Product ranking: #2 in Other Browser Add-ons & Plugins
  • SuperOneClick

    superoneclick XDA Developers  (Free)

    If you own an Android cell phone, SuperOneClick is an easy to use tool for “rooting” the handset. The program permits either full or partial rooting, and it can also handle “unrooting”. SuperOneClick supports more or less every Android phone out there. When using SuperOneClick, you must ensure you set your handset to USB Debugging mode. In addition, you must always make sure that the necessary Android drivers suitable for [...]

    Version 2.3.3
    Product ranking: #7 in System Utilities
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ultimate Vice City Mod

    This mod is an add-on for the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The mod adds forty more cars (all real models), along with brand new billboards, a different bridge, plus many more new details. Everything is contained in an auto-installer.

    Version 1.0
    Product ranking: #1 in Games Utilities & Editors
  • Java SE 6.0 (JDK 6)

    Java Platform, Standard Edition, which is also sometimes called Java Platform 2, allows you to develop Java applications for use with desktop computers and servers. You can also use it for the embedded environments that are demanding yet so popular today. Java SE comes with classes supporting Java Web Services’ development. It also acts as a foundation for Enterprise Edition (or Java EE) and Java Platform. If at any time [...]

    Product ranking: #2 in IDE Software
  • Free YouTube Downloader

    How do you fancy being able to view your favorite YouTube video clips on your PC at any time you please? This is what the Free YouTube Downloader brings to the plate. Now, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to watch a clip, because you can download it onto your hard drive and even burn it onto a DVD if you wish. The program’s versatile download manager [...]

    Version 3.5.187
    Product ranking: #2 in Download Managers
  • Desktop T-Shirt Creator

    TShirtShack  (Free)

    For anybody who wants to make T-shirts using their own Designs, this software is fun and easy to use. The program allows you to make T-shirts that are fully personalized in the comfort of your own home. With SonicShack’s T-shirt designing software, it is easy as pie to design, save, print, and email your finished T-shirts. Furthermore, all your pals will be able to have a look at your products [...]

    Version 1.1
    Product ranking: #1 in Desktop Publishing Software
  • Mhotspot

    mhotspot Mhotspot  (Free)

    If you are looking for a free software program that will convert your Wi-Fi enabled Windows PC desktop or laptop into a fully-fledged virtual hotspot, with the ability to share out your web connection to other nearby devices, Mhotspot has what you need to get the job done in fine style. The program will make your Wi-Fi network available to all manner of smartphones, laptops, PDAs, tablets, or indeed any [...]

    Version 7.6
    Product ranking: #1 in Wireless Networking Software
  • CopyTrans Drivers Installer

    WindSolutions  (Free)

    Devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are all designed to interface with computers for file transfer purposes. However, this will not work in a month of Sundays unless users bite the bullet and install the necessary drivers on their computers. The CopyTrans Driver Installer will perform an automatic installation of drivers for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch without users needing to go to the trouble [...]

    Version 2.003
    Product ranking: #2 in iPod Utilities
  • CamFrog Video Chat

    256 Camshare  (Freeware)

    Camfrog Video Chat is an application that enables chat rooms featuring streaming video. You can see and hear, as well as chat, with lots of people at the same time. This videoconferencing application is designed to work even when running behind firewalls. Camfrog Video Chat permits videoconferencing with up to one thousand users at a time in the same chat room. All you have to do to see somebody is [...]

    Version 6.7.356
    Product ranking: #2 in Webcam Software