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  • Advanced Port Scanner

    Famatech  (Free)

    This Famatech software could be the ideal tool for those who want something that’s simple to use, robust, fast, and small when scanning ports on their PCs. This Windows software utilizes multithreading, which means port scanning can be performed ever so fast on top grade machines. Additionally, the software supplies useful descriptions for each port, and it can be set up to perform a scan only on ports of a [...]

    Version 1.3
    Product ranking: #3 in Wireless Networking Software
  • Mhotspot

    mhotspot Mhotspot  (Free)

    If you are looking for a free software program that will convert your Wi-Fi enabled Windows PC desktop or laptop into a fully-fledged virtual hotspot, with the ability to share out your web connection to other nearby devices, Mhotspot has what you need to get the job done in fine style. The program will make your Wi-Fi network available to all manner of smartphones, laptops, PDAs, tablets, or indeed any [...]

    Version 7.6
    Product ranking: #1 in Wireless Networking Software
  • Winhotspot Wi-Fi Router

    Winhotspot  (Free)

    Anyone who wants software to act as a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot and router should consider Winhotspot. With this software, it is easy to grab an internet signal using various devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as a raft of smart phones. The software is armed with in-built repair tools. Furthermore, it installs Microsoft’s Wi-Fi drivers so as to make Wi-Fi hotspots and virtual routers possible. The good [...]

    Version 2.0
    Product ranking: #2 in Wireless Networking Software