Your Uninstaller

URSoft  (Free to try, $29.99 to buy)

If you’re in need of a utility to help you manage all of the software applications on a PC, then Your Uninstaller probably represents your best choice. The program has been updated to support the Windows 7 operating system (both 64-bit and 32-bit versions) and it also now boasts a simple interface that’s as clean as a whistle. Your Uninstaller functions in the manner you would expect, and it makes it ever so much easier to uninstall software programs than is usually the case. The program is equipped with an advanced algorithm for scanning PC systems, which means that Your Uninstaller has no trouble zapping any and every program it finds on your machine. Furthermore, it leaves no trace behind.

This software can also manage applications that you’ve installed, as well as offering the ability to lock up applications so they cannot be removed by accident. Other options offered include the ability to replace the default program icon, save keys for registration, write comments, and monitor the behavior of programs that have been newly installed. With Your Uninstaller, uninstalling a program is as simple as right clicking on its icon, and selecting uninstall. If you do that, the unwanted software gets zapped.

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Limitations:  21-day trial

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Last updated May 10, 2014

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