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  • 123 DVD Converter

    Windows_7_logo DVDVideoTool  (Free to try, $39.95 to buy)

    123 DVD Converter gives you an ever so quick and simple solution to the problem of converting DVDs to other file formats. The program copies DVDs using tip top quality settings, and it supports the following video file formats: WMV (for the Zune and the Pocket PC), AVI (XviD, DivX), 3GP, Apple TV, MP4 (for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP, Amazon Kindle Fire etc.), VCD, Flash Video, plus SVCD. [...]

    Version 5.1.1
    Product ranking: #47 in Rippers & Converting Software
  • 1Click Audio Converter

    DVDVideoTool  (Free)

    Persons who are on the lookout for free software to convert one format of audio file into another would do well to take a look at the 1Click Audio Converter. This software offers support for a raft of audio file formats, such as WMA, MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, iPhone, and AC3. The supported files can be converted with ease into WAV, MP3, or AC3. This program is very easy to [...]

    Version 2.3.5
    Product ranking: #11 in Rippers & Converting Software
  • @MAX SyncUp

    @MAX Software  (Free to try, $24.75 to buy)

    Anyone who’s in need of a fully-featured, simple to use tool for backups and synchronizing files should take a close look at @MAX SyncUp. The software will manage and back up files automatically. All it needs is a handful of mouse clicks. Now you can back up that all-important business and personal computer data onto any storage device, either fixed or portable, or to another location on a network, or [...]

    Version 4.5
    Product ranking: #7 in Backup Software
  • Acala DVD Ripper Professional

    Windows_7_logo Acala Software  (Free)

    If you would like to find a program that can easily rip your favorite DVD movies and convert them into the format of your choice, as well as extract the audio from a DVD and convert it to various audio file types, then Acala DVD Ripper Professional is exactly what you’ve been hunting for. Don’t worry for one moment if you are a novice, because this program is ever so [...]

    Product ranking: #5 in DVD Software
  • Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

    Acer  (Update)

    This Acer driver package provides support for the following Acer webcam: Crystal Eye.

    Product ranking: #2 in Keyboard Drivers
  • Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +

    ad-aware-free-antivirus Lavasoft  (Free)

    If you are looking for steadfast protection against a raft of web threats, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + could be just the ticket. This remarkable free software gives you protection against malware and rootkits, and it incorporates an innovative detection technology that goes by the name of Genocode. Along with a scheduler, Ad-Aware’s powerful Free Antivirus + has everything you need to keep yourself safe online. It is fair to say [...]

    Version 11.1.5354
    Product ranking: #2 in Anti-Spyware
  • Adobe Flash Player 11

    Adobe Systems  (Free)

    Flash Player 11, which is a free download, is a very expressive, lightweight client runtime for use on personal computers and mobile devices. It delivers consistent, powerful experiences for users on several different computer platforms, browsers, cell phones, and other devices. The client offers a plug-in that is compatible with all popular internet browsers, and is currently estimated to be installed on over 98% of desktop computers connected to the [...]

    Version 11.6.602.180
    Product ranking: #1 in Other Browser Add-ons & Plugins
  • Adobe Reader

    adobe-reader-15-32x32 Adobe Systems  (11.0.01)

    With Adobe Reader you can read and print any document saved as a PDF file (Adobe Portable Document Format). The printed version will have the same appearance as the file seen on screen. PDFs are convenient and compact in size, and they can easily be viewed, navigated, shared, and printed in a manner consistent with the original intentions of the author. Adobe Reader is ever so simple to use, and [...]

    Product ranking: #3 in Document Management Software
  • Advanced IP Scanner

    Famatech  (Free)

    Computer users who would like a free-to-download software program that allows user-friendly network scanning should take a good look at the latest 2.2 version of Famatech’s Advanced IP Scanner. Using this software, it takes only a few seconds to find all the devices on a wireless or wired local network, as well as perform scans of all the ports they have. This handy program delivers easy as pie access to [...]

    Version 2.3.2161
    Product ranking: #4 in Wireless Networking Software
  • Advanced Port Scanner

    Famatech  (Free)

    This Famatech software could be the ideal tool for those who want something that’s simple to use, robust, fast, and small when scanning ports on their PCs. This Windows software utilizes multithreading, which means port scanning can be performed ever so fast on top grade machines. Additionally, the software supplies useful descriptions for each port, and it can be set up to perform a scan only on ports of a [...]

    Version 1.3
    Product ranking: #3 in Wireless Networking Software